Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten

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Autumn calendar

Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten 2008 Autumn School Calendar




First week
(September 1 & mdash; 5th)

1. The class raising class will carry out the flag raising ceremony. (Monday)

2 welcome new students to school. (Monday)

3. Newborn Parents' Meeting, September 1st, 5:00 pm

4. Registration of interest classes. (Tuesday)

5. Teaching and research activities: research on teaching activities. (Wednesday afternoon)

6. Check the environmental layout and preparation of the active materials. (Thursday afternoon)

7. Class parent meeting. (Closed on Friday afternoon)

8. Check out the insecure factors in the school.

Second week
(September 8 & mdash; 12th)

1. The class of interest starts. (Monday)

2. Celebrate the Teacher's Day & ldquo; for people, for teachers, for learning & rdquo; teacher's speech. (Tuesday)

3. Each class of teaching and research groups shall formulate a work plan and formulate a personal school year plan. (Before Friday)

Third week
(September 15 & mdash; 19th)

1. Business Learning: (Teacher Code of Conduct) (Friday afternoon)

2. Teaching and research activities: research on teaching activities.

Fourth week
(September 22 & mdash; 30 days)

1. Qing eleven "family games". (29-30 days)


Second week
(October 6 & mdash; 10th)

1. Check the morning activity materials.

2. Arrange the activities related to outdoor activities.

3. Promote autumn child care knowledge. (Teacher's Garden)

4. Business Learning: (Teacher Code of Conduct) (Friday afternoon)

Third week
(October 13 & mdash; 17th)

1. Outdoor game activity evaluation. (Thursday, Friday)

2. Business Learning: Classroom Teaching Research. (Friday afternoon)

3. Winter antifreeze and warm work.

Fourth week
(October 20 & mdash; 24th)

1. Arrange the observation and teaching activities.

2. Teaching and research activities, teaching activities research.

Fifth week
(October 27 & mdash; 31)

1. The effect of the teaching at the end of the month. (Monday to Wednesday)

2. Conduct business learning: "Outline" (Friday afternoon)


First week
(November 3 & mdash; 7th)

1. Celebrate & ldquo; reporter day & rdquo; condolences activities.

2. Celebrate & ldquo;Fire Day & rdquo; condolences activities.

Second week
(November 10 & mdash; 14th)

1. Month observation teaching activities (listening) (8:30 & mdash; 10:30) afternoon 3:00 & mdash; 4:30

2. Business Learning (Friday afternoon) General Assessment, Learning (Teacher Code of Conduct)

Third week
(November 17 & mdash; 21st)

1. School observation and teaching activities (Monday to Friday preparation time)

2. Safety education exercises.

Fourth week
(November 24 & mdash; 28th)

1. At the end of the month, the teaching effect is checked.

2. Business Learning "Outline" (Teacher Code of Conduct)


1. Preparation for the celebration of the "New Year's Day";

2. The first to second week of the course progress check. (11-12 days)

3. Featured classes report performances. (December 24 & mdash; 25th) The interest class ended.

4. & ldquo; Qing New Year's Day & rdquo; home school networking activities. (Weekday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon)


First week
(January 5 & mdash; 9th)

1. Arrange the baby growth manual and personal summary.

2. Security check.

Second week
(January 12 & mdash; 16th)

1. Receive child care fees.

2. Arrange the final work.

3. Final Parents' Meeting. (Friday)

4. Parent evaluation.

Third week
(January 19 & mdash; 23rd)

1. Collect the information for this semester.

2. Issue the baby growth manual.

3. Final evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

4. Submit the summary of each class.

5. Final work summary.

6. & ldquo; Welcome New Year's Staff Club Activities & rdquo;.

Note: 1. Prepare teachers for the teaching and research activities on Wednesday afternoon.
2. Parents' Open Day on Thursday: Montessori classes open Montessori in the morning, and role games and technology activities are held in the ordinary middle and large classes.
3. After the afternoon of work on Friday afternoon, all the teachers will study business.
4. Teachers will attend classes every semester: no less than 15 sessions per person, and a good record of the lectures.
5. Weekly assignments and educational notes. The lesson plans will be prepared for the next week.
6. If there are any changes to the above plans, please feel free to notify.