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Development goals for children aged 2-6 years in science field

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Science field

1. Interested in the things and phenomena around you, curiosity and curiosity.
2. Can use a variety of senses, move the brain and explore the problem.
3. Ability to express and communicate the process of exploration and communication in an appropriate manner.
4. Feel the relationship between things in life and games and experience the importance and fun of mathematics.
5. Protect animals and plants, care about the surrounding environment, get close to nature, cherish natural resources, cherish natural resources, and have a preliminary environmental awareness.

2~3 years old

1. Under the guidance of adults, pay attention to the interesting things in the surrounding environment.
2. Learn to use a variety of senses to perceive things in your life, and try to perceive the obvious characteristics of their sound, color, shape, and so on.
3. Willing to be close to flowers, trees and small animals, and contact with natural things such as water, sand and stone.

3~4 years old

1. Under the guidance of an adult, you can discover interesting things in your surroundings.
2. I am willing to use a variety of senses to perceive surrounding objects, phenomena, and understand the obvious features such as color, size, shape, quantity, and orientation of the items, and try to compare and classify them simply.
3. Like to operate, play with. Try to ask questions and express what you see and hear.
4. Get close to nature, love and learn to love the animals and plants around you.

4~5 years old

1. Interested in the things and phenomena around you, curiosity.
2. I like to explore the surroundings with a variety of senses. Love to ask questions. Willing to collect information of interest.
3. Try to express your own exploration process in a dynamic way.
4. Can learn simple concepts of numbers, shapes, time and space from the game of life. Learn to use methods such as comparison, classification, sorting, and measurement.
5. Care about the surrounding environment, love the movements, plants, and initiate a preliminary environmental awareness.

5 to 6 years old 1. Interested in things and phenomena around, curiosity and curiosity.
2. Can use a variety of senses to explore the surrounding environment, happy to use the brain.
3. Feel the importance of information and learn how to collect effective information.
4. Willing to explore with peers and express and exchange the process and results of exploration in an appropriate way.
5. In the various activities such as daily life and games, deepen the understanding of the practical meaning of quantity, form, time and space, and learn to use it simply. Cognitive activities such as simple comparison, measurement, sorting, classification, and reasoning can be performed from multiple angles. I am willing to be close to nature, to love nature and to appreciate resources and protect the environment. Have preliminary environmental behavior.

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