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Development goals for children aged 2-6 years in the language field

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Language field

1. Be happy to talk to people and be polite.
2. Be careful to listen to each other and understand everyday language.
3. Can clearly say what you want to say.
4. Like to listen to stories and read books.
5. Can understand and speak Mandarin.

2~3 years old

1. Like to listen to familiar conversations, stories, children's songs, etc. related to life experience. Can understand simple language instructions and act on their own.
2. Continue to learn Mandarin and be willing to communicate with people in Mandarin. Can answer other people's questions in a simple language and express their wishes and needs.
3. I like to read songs, listen to stories, read books, watch performances, etc., to get a glimpse of their inner court and to express their feelings.

4~5 years old

1. Learn to listen and understand everyday language.
2. Learn to speak boldly and clearly what you want to say in Mandarin.
3. Learn to appreciate literary works and be happy to express your feelings. I can recite the children's songs clearly and learn to repeat the story.
4. Learn to read books in order and be happy to share the main content of the book with your peers. I like watching TV, listening to the radio, and willing to communicate with my companions.

5 to 6 years old

1. Be able to listen and learn to understand the language associated with your life experience.
2. Be able to speak boldly and clearly what you want to say in Mandarin. Be willing to talk to people and be polite.
3. I like to appreciate literary works, understand the content of the works, and feel the beauty of literary works. Can read children's songs and repeat stories independently. Learn to create and perform literary works.
4. Learn to read books, and enjoy the information obtained from books, TV, radio, etc. in the peers to communicate and discuss.
5. Interest in literature.

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