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Development goals for children aged 2-6 years in the health field

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Health field

1. Good health, stable and happy in the collective life.
2. Good health habits and basic self-care ability.
3. Know the necessary safety and health knowledge and learn to protect yourself.
4. Like to participate in sports activities, coordinated and flexible.

2~3 years old

1. Gradually adapt to the collective life of the kindergarten, the mood is basically happy.
2. Learn to drink water, eat, wash your hands, go to the toilet, and fall asleep naturally with the help of adults. Can be worn with adults, undressing, pants, shoes.
3. Willing to undergo a health check and be able to follow the advice of adults about safety and hygiene.
4. Be free to move the body and be willing to follow the teacher to participate in sports activities.

3~4 years old

1. Adapt to the collective life of the kindergarten, the mood is basically stable and enjoyable.
2. Gradually learn to eat and go to the toilet independently, learn to wash your face, brush your teeth, wear simple clothes, pants, shoes with the help of adults. Learn the correct posture of sitting, standing, and walking.
3. Understand simple health care knowledge, be willing to receive disease prevention and treatment, recognize facial features and main functions, understand and learn to protect. Love to eat a variety of things, develop the habit of drinking water. Pay attention to personal hygiene and love to clean.
4. Know and learn to avoid unsafe factors such as electricity, fire, and vehicles in daily life.
5. Be willing to participate in sports activities and develop movements such as walking, running, jumping, drilling and climbing.

4~5 years old

1. Learn to control and adjust your emotions.
2. Independent meals, washing, wearing undressing, pants, shoes, learning to organize beds and managing your own items.
3. Know the necessary health care knowledge, recognize the main organs and basic functions of the body, and learn to properly protect your body. Love to eat a variety of food, develop the habit of actively drinking water. Pay attention to the hygiene of the living environment.
4. Understand the necessary safety knowledge and be alert to strangers and dangerous things.
5. Actively participate in sports activities to improve the body's adaptability to temperature changes, and the movements are natural and coordinated.

5 to 6 years old

1. Learn to express emotions in an appropriate way. Emotional stability, happy and lively.
2. Life is regular, forming a good habit of eating, sleeping, excreting, fine-tuning, and organizing items, forming a basic self-care ability. Pay attention to public health.
3. Further understanding of the body's main organs and basic functions and methods of protection will provide appropriate protection for your body.
4. Recognize the signs of safety and learn the safety knowledge of water, electricity and fire in traffic rules. Has a preliminary safety awareness and self-protection ability.
5. Love sports activities, gradually develop the habit of exercise, coordinated, flexible, and endurance. Enhance cooperation and competition awareness, with a certain sense of courage and persistence.

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