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2014 Open Day

[Time:2014-04-24 21:51:05] [Tip: According to Google Translate]

In order to meet the parents' needs for understanding the target requirements, performance and development level of the children's education activities, on the morning of April 23, 2014, our school took a half-day opening opportunity to build a platform for family and school education and communication. Parents feel the kindergarten. In order to better achieve the goal of “communicating, forming synergy, displaying image, and building harmony”, our school opened a half-day event to parents from 7:30 to 11:40.

Through half-day opening activities, parents watched the children's morning activities, group teaching activities, inter-sports activities, outdoor games activities, dining activities, and specific understanding of the content and methods of kindergarten education. Combined with the age characteristics of our school, this open event shows the spirit of teachers and students, allowing parents to experience the fun of participating in the event.

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