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The children's parents open day

[Time:2012-04-19 21:45:40] [Tip: According to Google Translate]

On the morning of April 19th, our school launched the Parents Open Day event to let parents walk into the kindergarten to truly perceive the children's performance in the activities. It can help parents to objectively and rationally discover the strengths and weaknesses of the child's existence and help objectively. Evaluate your child fairly and educate your child. In the outdoor activities, the activities of parent-child games, such as tug-of-war, rolling tires, ball-clip, etc., have been added to cultivate the team spirit, hands-on ability and coordination ability of the children.

Through this activity, parents have a deep understanding of the life and learning of young children in the park and the teaching and conservation of teachers. In addition, it can help parents understand the importance of early childhood education, establish correct educational ideas, publicize scientific parenting knowledge, create a good family education environment, and truly achieve family and school education.

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