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The first Meal committee of Red Apple Kindergarten

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In order to continuously improve the quality of the food in the kindergarten, we should promptly understand the parents' suggestions and opinions on the children's diet, and better promote the growth and development of children, so that they can eat healthy and scientific. Reasonable, our school held the first committee on the afternoon of October 14. The members of the conference include: principals, health doctors, canteen leaders, teacher representatives and members of the food committee elected by 12 classes.

First of all, we led the parents to visit the canteen in the kindergarten. After seeing the clean and orderly pastry room, operation room and storage room, the parents were full of praise! After that, the health doctor introduced the principles of the school's dietary management structure and recipes, and introduced the school's raw material storage and acceptance system, so that parents can browse all the health and qualified documents. At the meeting, parents were asked to read the weekly recipes for the semester in October. Parents were invited to taste the homemade cakes and fruits. The representatives of the committees exchanged ideas, brainstormed and put forward reasonable suggestions. The non-staple food should be balanced, the thickness and the combination are reasonable, and the workmanship is fine. At the same time, it also gives a high evaluation to the work of our school.

This communication between parents and us further encourages parents to understand the school's meal management work, so that we can continue to work hard in the future food management work. Do it better!

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