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A letter from the Red Apple Kindergarten to the student's parents

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Dear student's parents:

How are you. At the moment we are about to bid farewell to 2009, first of all, thank you for your support for the work of Red Apple Kindergarten this year. In order to let you know more about supporting the education and teaching work of our school, the work arrangements for New Year's Day, Spring Festival, and winter holidays are as follows:

1, December 30th, the school's art interest class "Qing New Year's Day Art Exhibition".

2, On December 31st, all classes in the school held "Welcome New Year's Day Parents and Schools".

3, January 1st - 3rd rest, 4th (Monday) as usual to send the school to normal teaching activities.

4, on the afternoon of January 13th, the interest class program was rehearsed on the third floor, and all children watched.

5, On the afternoon of January 15th, the school’s interest class reported the performance, and the parents of each class could watch it.

6, End the course on January 25th.

7, On the morning of January 28th, the pre-school final exam will be completed, and the paper will be revised in the afternoon.

8, At the end of the pre-school class on the 29th of January, the "Three Good Students Selection Campaign".

9, February 1st - February 12th to collect tuition fees for the next semester.

10, From February 1st to February 12th, the school will conduct special courses in fine arts, music games and song performances.

11, February 12th - February 22nd winter vacation, free of charge for half a month (February toll).

12, on the afternoon of February 22, the child reported, received the book, and sent the beggar (in order to guarantee the official start of the 23rd, parents who wished no special circumstances should try to lead the children to report on the afternoon of the 22nd. .)

13, On the morning of February 23, in order to cultivate children's persistence in learning and persistence in the spirit of persistence, parents are expected to deliver on time.

In the cold winter, you must encourage your child to be brave, not afraid of cold, not afraid of suffering, and persist in, persist, and persist. For the growth of children, let us jointly overcome the cold, and finally wish our baby happy every day, every year. Thank you for your cooperation!


Red Apple Kindergarten

December 30, 2009

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