Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten

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Admissions guide

Founded in September 2006, Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten in Henan Province is a special private kindergarten that integrates Mongolian education, bilingual teaching and early brain development. Our school is "respecting children, appreciating children, all for children" as the motto of the leading idea, and has risen rapidly in just two years and was praised by Xinhua District as "advanced school unit", and won the "year-old" diet. Health care advanced units & rdquo; and other honorary titles and annual inspection qualified kindergartens.

The Red Apple Kindergarten covers an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, and the outdoor venue is about 1,500 square meters. The school building is designed according to the standards of the provincial model kindergarten. The indoor and outdoor large, medium and small toys are all available. The 90 square meters of event space is spacious and bright. Clean and comfortable, each class is equipped with modern teaching facilities such as air-conditioning, TV, DVD, UV disinfection lamp, piano, projector, water dispenser, disinfection cabinet, electric water heater, air conditioner, etc., matching tables, chairs and beds. Toiletries and other daily necessities facilities are fully in line with the characteristics and safety indicators of young children. In addition, each class is equipped with monitoring facilities to reproduce the day-to-day life of young children. At present, the school has 14 classes, with more than 350 children and 48 faculty members.

The purpose of running a school: First-class talent, first-class education, first-class management, and first-class service.
The concept of running a school: Respect the children, appreciate education, face the whole, pay attention to the individual, unite and forge ahead, and strive for innovation.
Teachers: A professional, young and highly experienced teacher with a middle school or above and a wealth of experience with compassion, patience, care and responsibility.
Education System:
Basic courses: five major areas of health, science, society, and art.
Characteristics: Montessori Education: Integrating early childhood education with the world's advanced education. TOEFL Early Childhood English (Chinese and foreign teachers) allows young children to have a strong interest in foreign language during the sensitive period so that they can lead English in primary school.
Nine-bead teaching: Improve the speed of children's brain movement, strengthen the cultivation of concentration, and get the early development of the left and right brain.
Chinese Pinyin: taught by city-level retired model teachers, laying the foundation for the standard pronunciation of Pinyin.
Choose a course: artistic eloquence, dance, art, piano.
Service form: Full-time boarding kindergarten, 7:00 delivery, 6:00 pm (winter 5:30), enrolling for the whole city, enrolling every spring day on January 1st, autumn class Recruitment of new students began on June 10. 2 & mdash; 6 years old children.
Class Capacity:
托  Class: (2  year & mdash; 2 and a half years old) 20 people per class /> Small  Class: (2 and a half years old & mdash; 3 and a half years old) 25 people per class /> 中  Class: (3 years and a half & mdash; 4 and a half years old) 25 people per class /> Big  Class: (4 years and a half & mdash; 5 and a half years old) 30 people per class /> Preschool: (5  years & mdash;6 years old) 35 people per class /> Send    Language: The basis determines the height, I hope to rise from here, let the teacher's love always be dedicated to our children!
Contact Address:In the Xincheng Street Community Building opposite the Fire Brigade of the West Section of Miner Road, Pingdingshan City Contact:0375-2822228/p>