Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten

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Kindergarten introduction

Pingdingshan Red Apple Kindergarten was opened in September 2006. It is a high starting point for Montessori education, Reggio education, bilingual teaching, early brain development, and the integration of Chinese and Western early childhood education concepts. The large-scale modern private kindergarten that has risen rapidly is known as the advanced school in Xinhua District. It has been awarded the honorary title of the advanced unit of food and health care and the annual qualified kindergarten.

Red Apple Kindergarten is located in the courtyard of Xincheng Street Community, West Section of Miner Road. It covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters. The school building is designed according to the standards of provincial demonstration kindergartens. Indoor and outdoor large, medium and small toys are available. There are plastic venues. There are 14 classes in the class, 90 square meters of event space, spacious, bright, clean and comfortable. Each class is equipped with air conditioning, TV, DVD, piano, projector, water dispenser, disinfection cabinet, electric water heater, air conditioner. Other modern teaching facilities, such as tables, chairs, bed washrooms and other daily necessities, are in line with the characteristics and safety indicators of young children. There is also a multimedia room and a dance studio. Each class is equipped with monitoring facilities to reproduce the day-to-day life of young children.

Red Apple Kindergarten is a full-time boarding kindergarten, starting at 7:30 and picking up at 5:30 pm (6:00 pm). Every day, scientific nutrition and nutrition provides three meals for children. The foods such as main and non-staple foods and fruits are not heavy in a week. This is the ideal playground for children to learn, live and play.

Red Apple Kindergarten follows the idea of ​​“School has characteristics, teachers have special skills, and has special skills”. It is aimed at the society to reduce talents and openly recruit outstanding teachers to teach, each with its own strengths, dedication and dedication. All young children grow up healthily and happily, creating a beautiful paradise of warmth, harmony and enlightenment.

Red Apple Kindergarten regards "all for the children, for the children, for all children" as the motto, in the education goal of "for the whole, all-round development, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, respecting the individual, developing intelligence, and inspiring interest" Pay attention to the special education of children in many aspects. There are special teaching interest classes such as Montessori education, English, music, dance, painting, piano, abacus, early reading, artistic eloquence, Chinese pinyin, clay sculpture, finger exercises, and scientific and technological activities.

Mongolian education enables early childhood education to be in line with world advanced education.

In order to receive a pure English education from an early age, we have also hired foreign teachers to serve as our English speaking teachers.

The teaching of abacus mental arithmetic has improved the speed of children's brain movements, and the children's left and right brains have been developed early.

The development of special activities attaches more importance to the cultivation of scientific attitudes, ideas and spirits, and lays a foundation for children to form a scientific world view. A good humanistic environment and a new educational concept have gradually formed our school with Montessori. A unique teaching style that combines education, bilingual education, early reading, abacus and art education.

Red Apple Kindergarten recruits students from all over the city. Every spring, the first day of the spring class and the autumn class start on June 10th. Recruit 2 to 6 years old children.

Class settings and places:

Toon: (2 years old to 2 and a half years old) 20 people per class

Small classes: (2 and a half to 3 and a half years old) 25 people per class

Middle class: (3 years old and a half to 4 and a half years old) 25 people per class

大班: (4 and a half to 5 and a half years old) 30 people per class

Preschool: (5 years old to 6 years old) 35 people per class

Course setting:

Mongolian Class: Montessori Teaching, Montessori Mathematics, Health, Language, Society, Science, Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, Sports, Handicraft, Enlightenment Reading, TOEFL English (Chinese, Foreign).

Enlightenment classes: artistic eloquence, health, language, society, science, mathematics, music, art, sports, crafts, enlightenment reading, TOEFL English (Chinese, foreign teachers).

Classic classes: Health, Language, Society, Science, Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, Sports, Handicraft, Enlightenment Reading, TOEFL English (Chinese, Foreign).

Preschool: rhyme literacy, pinyin, literacy, health, language, society, science, mathematics, music, art, sports, TOEFL English (Chinese, foreign).

All teaching activities are based on young children, with games as the basic activity mode. By playing middle school and doing middle school, we promote the development of healthy, harmonious and individualized children.

Facing the future: Red Apple Kindergarten will adhere to the principle of “serving children, serving parents and serving the society”, focusing on childcare education, featuring Montessori teaching, bilingual teaching, and early brain development. For all children, comprehensively improve the quality of children, let children eat, play well, learn well, grow up, and return the support and love of parents and the community with excellent results.

Basic determines the height, I hope to rise from here, let the teacher's love always be dedicated to our children!